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NEW RELEASE 10.09.2018

Decomposing Nazi Phraseology

In the second half of the 1970s Alfred Kaiser was entirely unknown to the film world when he went public with two films, namely A Third Reich (1975) and A Third Reich from Its Refuse (1977). Both compilation films bridge the threshold between avant-garde and documentary cinema and were enthusiastically received by audiences and film critics alike upon their release. To this day, these two closely related films occupy 
a place of particular significance in the history of Austrian cinema, not least due to their subject matter and compositional virtuosity.
Kaiser took footage solely from the era of Nazi film production to make both films which each have a running time of just under 30 minutes. He constellated an evocative montage of image and sound from an abundance of excerpts gleaned from cultural, industrial and feature films as well as propagandistic Nazi newsreels and amateur movies from the 1930s and 1940s. A Third Reich and A Third Reich from Its Refuse are multifaceted compositions that derive from an analytical collision of image and sound metaphors. In brief, their conceptual critique equally serves as an attempt to illustrate and demolish the world of Nazi thought and imagery. (Constantin Wulff)

01 --
AT 1975, 16mm, b/w, 28 min

02 --
AT 1977, 16mm, b/w, 26 min

AT 1974/75

24 pages German/English booklet:
On Alfred Kaiser's films A Third Reich and A Third Reich from Its
Refuse, by Constantin Wulff.


One Is Not Enough. Photography & Film
Book // DVD // Magazine
Edited by Dietmar Schwärzler
Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König and INDEX Edition
Price: € 45,-

The heart of Friedl Kubelka’s photographic work (who as a filmmaker goes by the name of Friedl vom Gröller) is constituted by portraiture – whether she captures friends, acquaintances, family members, filmmakers, artists or simply clients, each for the most part gazing directly into the camera. Since 1972 to the present, Kubelka has also placed herself in front of the camera for her project Jahresportraits (Yearly Portraits) in which she mercilessly documents the process of aging. It has become the structural credo of Kubelka’s artistic practice to juxtapose the individual photograph with many other photographs.
The monograph focuses upon individual serial works as combined with contemporary portrait series showing e.g. artists from Senegal which are combined with others from Kubelka’s archive. So as to multiply perspectives, individual portraits are juxtaposed with others (double portraits), or more. As extras a magazine about the mural painter Pape Mamadou Samb aka Papisto Boy and a DVD with a selection of films of the artist are attached to the book.

Edited by Dietmar Schwärzler
Texts by Madeleine Bernstorff, Miranda July, Dietmar Schwärzler
Graphic design: Sylvia Gruber
Language: English
Format: 20 cm x 27 cm x 3 cm
320 pages | 470 photos | Softcover
ISBN: 978-396098-330-9

DVD: Silence on the Screen
A selection of 19 films by Friedl vom Gröller

MAGAZINE: Pape Mamadou Samb alias Papisto Boy (co-edited by Madeleine Bernstorff)
Language: English | French
42 pages | 83 photos

© Mary Nooter Roberts and Allen F. Roberts

RELEASE DATE: 23.06.2017

INDEX is delighted to announce its new release:

Exquisite Ecstasies

Aderlass / Blood-Letting (AT/DE 1981, Super 8, col, 11 min)
Liebesfilm / Film of Love (AT/DE 1982, Super 8, bw, silent, 8 min)
Urlaubsfilm / Holiday Film (AT/DE 1983, Super 8, col, 9 min)
tabula rasa (AT 1987/89, Super 8, col, 17 min)
The Exquisite Corpus (AT 2015, 35mm, bw, 19 min)

This DVD comes with a nice 24 pages booklet, bilingual English-German, including liner notes by Peter Tscherkassky EN ROUTE TO THE EXQUISITE CORPUS.

RELEASE DATE: 01.05.2017

Praxis Selection

Dietmar Brehm’s affinity to underground pop culture, analog images and digital sounds literally blossoms in his PRAXIS series. Post avant-garde, post-narrative, postsurreal, post-pornographic and post-psychoanalytic... Warholian!

RELEASE DATE: 25.01.2017

Thinking in Proportions

This new DVD explores the film works of the painter, photographer and graphic artist Dóra Maurer who has made an important contribution to structural film since the 70s.

AWARD for INDEX DVD WIENFILM 1896-1976 by Ernst Schmidt Jr.
at Il Cinema Ritrovato, personal choice of Alexander Horwath "in honor of all the poets who practice an anarchist historiography".


INDEX045 GUSTAV DEUTSCH - NOT HOME. Picturing the Foreign
Films 1990-2015

1990, 16mm (S- 8 Blow-up), col & b/w, 37 min
Gustav Deutsch, Mostafa Tabbou
1993, 16mm, col, 33 min
31 poket films
2005-2015, digital, col, 60 min
1990, 16mm (S- 8, Blow-up), col, 3 min

Summer, sun, beach games and other attractions: holidays and excursions have always motivated amateur and professional filmmakers to switch their camera on – also later at home to be able to dream away. Out of such anonymous Super-8 shots the renowned experimental filmmaker Gustav Deutsch composed in 1990 a very entertaining master home movie that leads us to the Adria (Adria - Holiday Films 1954-68. School of Seeing I).

For Eyewitnesses in Foreign Countries (1993) the Austrian Gustav Deutsch and the Moroccan Mostafa Tabbou have gazed into each other’s native place: an enlightening “authentic film-experiment in 600 takes” that shows how everyday life is special in the eyes of the beholder from afar.

Travelogues can also contain “mini-dramas”: this is what the “pocket films” of Notes and Sketches I (2005-15) reveal. Surprising behavioral studies of man and animal, the hidden humor of nature’s phenomena as well as of automatized routines make good entertainment for your home cinema and for all ages.

+ 20 pages bilingual German/English booklet featuring HERE AND THERE/NOW AND THEN: THE CINEMA OF GUSTAV DEUTSCH by Scott MacDonald

Gustav Deutsch Film Ist. back in stock!

One of INDEX best sellers is finally available again:
INDEX012 GUSTAV DEUTSCH - Film ist. (1-12) / DVD-version

Indeed, Film ist. is a film with which to open our eyes and to renew our faith in cinema. Anytime you become bored, tired or repeatedly disappointed by what it has to offer, this is exactly the piece to put on. Through the simplest of things it manages to reconfirm just how magical the moving image can be. (Anthony Nield/The Digital Fix)

Deutsch combines tons of archaic film material and the result is exhilarating, interesting, funny and often extremely beautiful. (Maikel Aarts/DVD Beaver)

Film ist. does something that films rarely do – acknowledge the viewer’s creative engagement with the material.
(Brian Marley/The Wire)

INDEX is proud to present Wienfilm/ViennaFilm 1896-1976, first feature length of the significant Austrian filmmaker Ernst Schmidt Jr. (1938-1988), published for the first time with English subtitles, and accompanied by a substantial booklet in German and English.
Ready for shipping on 01.11.2015

INDEX044 ERNST SCHMIDT JR. Wienfilm 1896-1976 / ViennaFilm 1896-1976

Up until the early 1970s, Schmidt Jr. realized expanded cinema Actions, created conceptual films, shot several lettrist text films, and began work on his wonderful Wienfilm 1896-1976, a two hour documentary Schmidt Jr. called “a kind of anthology about Vienna, from the discovery of film up until the present time”. The list of participants reads like a who´s who of the avant-garde and underground scene in Austria of its day. (Peter Tscherkassky)


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26.11.2014. NEW DVD!!!

INDEX043 PETER WEIBEL - Körperaktionen Bodyworks 1967-2003

Peter Weibels performances differentiate themselves from other actions performed in the 1960s, for instance in Vienna and California, firstly, through their relation to media and secondly, through their relation to politics.
His body politics is body critique that is simultaneously a critique of traditional forms of representation as well as identity politics. Unlike classical body artists Weibel did not only search for the emancipation of the body, for instance through the sexual revolution but liberation from the body in the age of its constructability via media and gene technology.
(Peter Weibel)

04.02.2014 - ERNST SCHMIDT JR. DVD RELEASE DATE: 17.02.2014

INDEX042 ERNST SCHMIDT JR. - Stones & 20 Action and Destruction Films

If I had to name a single Austrian filmmaker who to this day has not received the international recognition deserved for the artistic level his work attained, I would unhesitatingly name him. When he died in 1988 at the early age of 50, Ernst Schmidt Jr. left behind a body of work that could hardly be more multifaceted, including experimental documentary films, material films, expanded cinema, abstract films, project films, conceptual films, Lettrist text films, compilation films, and a feature length dramatic film. The catalogue of a posthumous exhibit at the Vienna Secession in 2001 and his home page (initiated and maintained by his half brother Helmut Benedikt) encompasses close to 100 works. In 1980 Schmidt Jr. drew from this abundance to create a compilation of films entitled 20 Aktions- und Destruktionsfilme 1965–1979. This compilation is now available for the first time on DVD.
(Peter Tscherkassky)

07.01.2014 - LADISLAV GALETA (1947-2014)

It's with immense sadness to announce the great artist-filmmaker and unforgettable personality, Ivan Ladislav Galeta has passed away.

Österreichisches Filmmuseum © Sissi Makovec

© Brigitta Burger-Utzer

18.11.2013 - NEW DVD OUT NOW


Norbert Pfaffenbichler (born 1967, Austria) has been involved in the emergence of the Austrian abstract cinema in the mid 1990s, when a generation of artists has begun to produce radical computer and video works, combining electronic music and abstract media art. Innovative filmmaker himself alongside other now-renowned artists like Tina Frank, Lotte Schreiber, Michaela Grill, Jürgen Moritz, SKOT, Lia, Michaela Schwentner and Billy Roisz, he also curated the major group show “Abstraction Now” at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna in 2003 presenting computer-generated “sound visions” works.
Since 2002 he has been working on his film series Notes on Film where the historical medium of film and photography is central to his analysis.

notes on film 01 else (2002, 35mm, bw, 6 min)
CONFERENCE (Notes on Film 05) (2011, 35mm, bw, 8 min)
INTERMEZZO (Notes on Film 04) (2012, col, DV, 2 min)
A Messenger from the Shadows (Notes on Film 06A/Monologue 01) (2012, DV, col & bw, 60 min)

Norbert Pfaffenbichler, Lotte Schreiber 36 (2001, video, col, 2 min)

28.03.2013 - NEW BOOK + DVD!!!


Edited by Dietmar Schwärzler
English, incl. DVD
Softcover, 225mm x 285mm
368 pages
A collaboration between JRP|Ringier / Christoph Keller Editions
and the DVD-edition INDEX
€ 40,-

This publication offers a selective retrospective of the work of photographer and filmmaker Friedl Kubelka, known as a filmmaker under the name of Friedl vom Gröller. In addition to a selection of her fashion photographs, the book focuses on portraits of her friends and family, as well as series of images and films.
Kubelka started on her long-term project, "Year´s Portraits," in 1972: she photographed herself on a daily basis over a period of one year - a process that has been repeated every five years since. This conceptually-structured work on the subject of self-portraiture produces a complex picture of a woman´s search for her own identity by alternating exaggerated poses of female self-representation with documents of personal retreat. Through the choice of staging and props, minor adventures and personal experiences are hinted at; the individual photographs seem to link up to form a film running at a rate of one frame per day.
Among the artist´s portrait subjects are Franz West, Walter Pichler, Peter Kubelka, as well as central protagonists of the American Independent Cinema such as Jack Smith, Bruce Conner, Hollis Frampton, Kenneth Anger, Jonas Mekas, George and Mike Kuchar, and many more. Most of the images gathered together here are published for the first time in book form.

Includes a DVD Multizone, PAL, 64 minutes with a selection of Friedl vom Gröller's 16mm films.

20.02.2013 - NEW DVD!!!

INDEX040 PETER TSCHERKASSKY - Attractions, Instructions and Other Romances

This new DVD compiles eight short films made by Peter Tscherkassky, including multi-awarded breathtaking Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine and his most recent film Coming Attractions. Along "Films from a Dark Room" (INDEX008) featuring internationally celebrated Tscherkassky's found footage trilogy - L'arrivée, Outer Space, Dream Work - this new release on INDEX offers an exhilarating excursion in Peter Tscherkassky's radical cinema.

Parallel Space: Inter-view - 1992, 18 min
Erotique - 1982, 1 min 40 sec
Happy-End - 1996, 11 min
Shot - Countershot - 1987, 22 sec
Nachtstück (Nocturne) - 2006, 1 min
Coming Attractions - 2010, 25 min
Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine - 2005, 17 min
Ballett 16 - 1984, 4 min


Peter Tscherkassky DVD Films from a Dark Room back in stock!!!


Peter Tscherkassky DVD Films From a Dark Room and Martin Arnold DVD The Cineseizure are both currently sold out.


INDEX highly recommends: FILM UNFRAMED - A History of Austrian Avant-Garde Cinema. A brand new book edited by Peter Tscherkassky.
In english only. Get your copy now!


Martin Arnold DVD The Cineseizure is sold out at source. Please ask your retailers (see list under ORDERS section) for eventual remaining copies.


Eva Brunner-Szabo, co-founder and co-curator of INDEX has passed away in the night of friday after a severe illness.
We are mourning.


Part Time Heroes (2007, color, 33 min)
Running Sushi (2008, color, 28 min)
Burning Palace (2009, color, 32 min)

These films are based on choreographic works by LIQUID LOFT.

These three films made in collaboration with the choreographer Chris Haring are explorations of performative processes and filmic narration.
Haring stages his productions in bare spaces, from which Mattuschka makes films which correspond to cinematic rules of setting and dramaturgy. She extends her perspective as a painter into her cinematic approach. Up-close views of the body, from below, from above. Views which distort perspective. With digital retouching, she designs places, architectures, and spatialities.

SPECIAL OFFER: subscribe to the art magazine springerin and receive a DVD of your choice from the whole INDEX-DVD collection!
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John Giorno/Antonello Faretta, Keren Cytter, Maria Petschnig,
Patrycja German, Jaan Toomik/J. Paavle/R. Laius,
Karol Radziszewski, Deborah Schamoni, Paolo Mezzacapo de Cenzo

With any order featuring this DVD you will receive a copy of the magazine SMELL IT! as a present.

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From Kurt Kren's cinema of compression till actual digital abstractions: an exemplary DVD collection that makes available, for domestic use, half a century of avant-garde film and video. (Stefan Grissemann, Profil n°45)

On the other side of the short-films planet, it is now possible to know everything about Austrian experimental cinema, thanks to INDEX DVD series. (Jacques Kermabon, Bref n°64)

We should earnestly applaud the arrival of the new INDEX label, specializing in the heretofore marginal, seldom spied, and transnationally uncharted corners of the Austrian and international avant-garde. (Robert Mark Grossman and Andrew Grossman, Bright Lights n°49)

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