Sonic Fiction

Thomas Aigelsreiter (KEY WEST)
Sound: Rudi Aigelsreiter
*1972 in Vienna, Master Class for Graphic-Design at the HGBLVA, Vienna. Since 1990 he works under the name of AUGE illustrator, cartoonist and producer of animation films - also for the internet (Flash movies).
Videos (Selection):
Sophia┬┤s Sofa, 2001
Bomb!, 2002
Key West, 2002
Haiku Who?, 2003
established, 2003
Masse(s), 2004

Didi Bruckmayr (ICH BIN TRAURIG)
Sound: Fuckhead
*5.4.1966; lives in Linz, Austria. Doctor of economy. Since 1985 singer, actor, video-maker and performance-artist.
International acitivities with the notorious multimedia-performance-group Fuckhead.
Digital arts since 1999. Specialises in 3d environments and realtime video processing. Work on audio- interactive interfaces for solo performances.

Siegfried A. Fruhauf (SUN)
Sound: Attwenger
*1976 in Grieskirchen, Austria. Since 1993 experiments with video and film. Since 1995 studies at the University for Design in Linz. Various works and shows in the area of video and film.
2002 Supportive Award for Filmart.
Films/Videos (Selection): La Sortie, 1998
Höhenrausch, 1999
Blow-Up, 2000
Exposed, 2001
SUN, 2003
Structural Filmwaste. Dissolution1, 2003
sed, 2001
SUN, 2003
Structural Filmwaste. Dissolution1, 2003

Karø Goldt (FALCON)
Sound: Rashim
*1967 in Günzburg. 1998 Diploma at the School for artistic photography Vienna. Various exhibitions for photography, photofilm and objects in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona a.o. since 1995.
Participation at international festivals since 2001.
Lives in Berlin and Vienna
Videos (Selection):
ILOX, 2000
LILIUM, 2001
mir mig men, 2002
falcon, 2003
LOST, 2004
solo mit chor, 2004

Michaela Grill (TRANS)
Sound: Martin Siewert
*1971; has studied in Vienna, Glasgow and London. Various film/video works, sound installations and live visuals since 1998;
various performances in Austria and abroad. Lives and works in Vienna.
Videos (Selection):
o.T. / takeshi fumimoto, 1999
kingkong / dj pure, 2000
My Kingdom for a Lullaby # 4 (w/Billy Roisz) /
Kurzmann, Nakamura, Siewert, 2002
trans / Siewert, 2003
My Kingdom for a Lullaby # 2 (w/Billy Roisz) /
Kurzmann, Nakamura, Siewert, 2004
KILVO / Radian, 2004

Graphikprogrammer. Born to start working on computers in 1995
Works in Progress: G.S.I.L. (real-time graphics) together with @c
Videos (Selection):
G.S.I.L.VI/almada, 2001
G.S.I.L.XII/+, 2002
hardVideo/G.S.I.L.XIX, 2003
v3/G.S.I.L. XXIX, 2004

m.ash (CUBICA)
Sound: Chris Janka
a.k.a. Michael Aschauer, born 1977 in Steyr, Austria. 1999 University of applied Arts, Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna.
recent project list @ http://m.ash.to/art/

[n:ja] (FRAME)
Sound: Radian
a.k.a. Annja Krautgasser, born in 1971 in Hall; from 1990-2002 studies of architecture and applied art.
000 foundation of the vidok studio.
Videos (Selection):
perceptive faculty 2, 1999
rewind, 2000
track 09, 2001
frame 2002

Timo Novotny (NEON)
Sound: Wolfgang Schloegl
*1973 in Böblingen (FRG). 1993-99 University of applied Arts Vienna, visual media class
member of Vidok,Sofa Surfers live (visual.displacements), displacement activity (+ M. Kienzl).
Videos (Selection): wirehead, 1993-96
The Plan, 1997
cargo, 1999
Sofa Rockers, 2000
can i get a witness, 2002
neon, 2003
sempre semper, 2004
Life in Loops 2006

a.k.a. Renate Oblak, born in Villach, Austria in 1972. Since 1990 various works (costume design, graphics, painting, installations) concentrating on digital sound and video. Participation in group shows in Austria and abroad. Lives and works in Vienna and Zeist.
a.k.a. Michael Pinter, born in Graz, Austria in 1969. Painter, author and composer, concentrates on sound, video and computer art.
Participation in numerous group projects and shows in Austria and abroad. Lives
and works in Graz, Berlin, Utrecht and Zeist.
Videos/Films (Selection):
comp.tot 4, 1999
Teufel Eintritt, 2000
Mobile V, 2000
uta zet, 2001
vague nouvelle, 2002
Vincit Veritas, 2002
zijkfijergijok, 2003
seciron_ra, 2003

Billy Roisz (BLINQ)
Sound: Burkhard Stangl, Boris Hauf, Martin Siewert, dieb13, Christof Kurzmann, Sachiko M., Toshimaru Nakamura, Akoasma, Werner Dafeldecker, El
*1967; video- and soundexperiments in context of performance, installation and cinema. Member of efzeg,silly (w/akoasma) and ntsc (w/Dieb13). Lives and works in Vienna.
Videos (Selection):
oberflach.avi, 2000
smokfraqs, dieter kovacic, 2001
katapila, efzeg, 2002
My Kingdom for a Lullaby # 4 (w/Michaela Grill), 2002
(w/Michaela Grill), 2002
-2.20, dieb13, 2003
My Kingdom for a Lullaby # 2 (w/Michaela Grill), 2004
Sources, 2004
"blinq", 2002

Michaela Schwentner (JET)
Sound: Radian
*1970 in Linz. Studies philosophy, history, drama and media studies. Visuals, various concepts and realizations of exhibitions, concerts and clubs (e.g.: alternative project space "Jadengasse"]).
Co-founder of the label mosz.
Videos (Selection):
orchester 33 1/3 (S8), 1997
r4, 2000
transistor, 2000
#Z, 2001
the_future_of_human_containment, 2002
take the bus, 2002
JET, 2003
giuliana 64:03 (w/Didi Bruckmayr), 2003
tucker, 2004

Michael Strohmann (ICH BIN TRAURIG)
Sound: Fuckhead
*04.01.72; training at the Bass School Munich and at the Institute for Electro-Acoustic in Vienna.
Involved with the music performance group Fuckhead and Honolulu, the theater groups Bilderwerfer and toxic dreams as composer and interface designer. Interests focus primarily on the fields entropy vs. self- organization, anxiety and liberty.

Nik Thoenen (NEON)
Sound: Wolfgang Schloegl
*1963 Zwieselberg (CH), 1986-92 studies of graphic design in Switzerland, 1997 forming of the mediagroup re-p.org in Vienna
Works (Selection):
white_noise (webproject), 2001
void (av performances), 2000-02
./logicaland (webproject), 2002
amoeba (video installation), 2003
neon, 2003