Józef Robakowski
Born February 20th, 1939 in Poznán. He is the author of films, photographic cycles, video recordings,
installations, drawings and conceptual projects. He initiated many art events, exhibitions and actions and has been also active as editor, theoretician and critic in the field of contemporary art. He graduated from Fine Arts Department at Copernicus University in Torun and continued his studies at the Cinematography Department
of Lodz´ Film School, where he later joined the teaching staff ­ as an instructor from 1970 to 1981, and as a professor from 1995 to the present. Robakowski co-funded several artistic groups that were crucial for experimental Polish art: Oko (Eye), Petla (Loop), Zero-61, Krag (Circle), Film Form Workshop, Television Creative Group »Station L.« In 1978 he funded Galeria Wymiany ­ Exchange Gallery, an unique contemporary art gallery placed in his private apartment in Lodz´. The gallery holds a collection of paintings, drawings, rare ephemeral prints, films, video recordings, photographs, books, posters, documentation of various art events and Robakowski´s own publications. In 1980 Robakowski co-founded with Gábor and Vera Bødy Infermental, the
first international magazine released on videocassettes devoted to innovative tendencies in audio-visual arts and made by international artists and editors. Since 1959, Robakowski has been a participant in numerous art and other media exhibitions, film festivals and new-media festivals, including Documenta 6 (Cassel, 1977), Film as Film (London, 1979), Sydney Biennale (1982), Europa Europa (Bonn, 1994) and the WRO Media Art Biennale (Wroclaw, regularly since 1989). He has taken part in events organized by major museums including the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), prestigious galleries such as De Appel (Amsterdam), and, in Poland, the Contemporary Art Center in Warsaw and the Museum of Art in Lodz´. His work ­ from graphics and photography through tapes and installations ­ is featured in many contemporary art collections around the world.