Michael Pilz
Born in 1943 in Gmünd/Lower Austria. Since 1954 photographic and film experiments. Early influences by Soviet newsreel propaganda films, Gregorian chants, Cool Jazz, literature from Camus, Beckett and Henry Miller, photographs from Robert Frank, films from Godard, Antonioni and the New American Cinema. Growing
interest in various ways of expressing the subconscious in film. 1975 founding member of the »Syndikat
der Filmschaffenden Österreichs.« Since 1976 (Langsamer Sommer from John Cook) also producer. In the 1970s TV-documentaries (e.g. Coop Himmelblau, Franz Grimus, Die Generalin). Since Himmel und Erde (1979­82) free-lance film artist (author, director, director of photography, all-rounder). Since 1983 engaged
in delivering occasional lectures and holding workshops on aesthetics and experimental filmmaking.
»Österreichischer Würdigungspreis für Filmkunst«,1996; Niederösterreichischer Würdigungspreis für
Dokumentarfilm, 1997. Publications: Kein Film ­ Ein Stückwerk. Dziga Vertov, 1986; Donner.blitzt ­ Notizen
zu einem Filmprojekt (Feldberg), 1989. Various festival participations, installations, performances, single and group exhibitions.

FILMS & VIDEOS (Selection)
Windows, Dogs And Horses, 2005; That´s All There Is, 2005; 28 April 1995 Aus Liebe / For Love, 2004;
Memories of You 7 December 2003, 2004; Across The River, 2004; The Art of Flow, 2003; Siberian Diary ­
Days at Apanas, 2003; Gwenyambira Simon Mashoko, 2002; Indian Diary ­ Days at Sree Sankara, 2000;
Da Capo Al Fine, 1999; Pieces of Dreams, 1999; Bridge to Monticello, 1998; Was übersetzt ist noch nicht angekommen, 1996; Prisjadim Na Dorozku / Let´s Sit Down Before We Leave, 1995; All the Vermeers in Prague, 1994; Il faut apprendre à voir, 1993; State of Grace, 1993; Cage, 1993; Feldberg, 1990; 80cm 5t, 1989; Der Lauf des Wassers , 1988; Parco delle Rimembranze, 1987; Paticca Samuppada, 1986; Noah Delta II, 1985; Himmel und Erde, 1982; Lou Reed, 1977; Franz Grimus, 1977; Voom, 1969.