Hans Scheugl
Born in 1940 in Vienna. Independent filmmaker since 1966. Collaborations with Ernst Schmidt jr. and Peter Weibel: joint publications from 1966, first film screening 1967. Founded the Austria Filmmakers Cooperative together with Ernst Schmidt jr., Peter Weibel, VALIE EXPORT, Kurt Kren, and Gottfried Schlemmer. In his films, Schleugl is concerned with real time/film time (Hernals, Wien 17, Schumanngasse) and in his Expanded Cinema actions (Der Voyeur, Sugar Daddies, zzz: hamburg special) with film as material and reality. In the 1970s he withdrew from filmmaking and published several books. For many years, he retreated entirely from the art scene and spent long periods of time in India. He re-founded the Filmmakers Coop in 1982 and returned to filmmaking in 1985 with Der Ort der Zeit. Until the early 1990s he shot several films, including a documentary for Austrian television about Kurt Kren. He has published several books and essays and is involved with photography and video.