Notes on Marie Menken
Born in Vienna, Austria. Studied Theater, Film and Media Arts at University of Vienna. Received an MFA degree
in Documentary Film Directing at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts FAMU in Prague,
Czech Republic and many of her films have won awards throughout Europe. Experimental works in photography,
Super-8, 16mm film and video. The feature length documentary film In the Mirror of Maya Derenwas her
first international success. Kudlá\u010ek also works as a researcher for Anthology Film Archives, assisting in
preservation projects with the director and filmmaker Jonas Mekas. She is the recipient of the Anthology Film
Archives Film Preservation Award 2004.

Notes on Marie Menken, 2006
In the Mirror of Maya Deren, 2001
The Last Heroes, 1996/97
Aimless Walk / Alexander Hammid, 1996
L´amour fou / Ludvik Svab, 1995
Maelström der Melancholie, 1995
Positivita, 1994