Maria Lassnig´s films portray only an excerpt of her artistic talent. Even so, her effect as an inspiring force for Austrian animated and avantgarde film should not be underestimated. She founded the Studio for Experimental Animation in 1982, while she was a professor at the University for Applied Arts Vienna (1980-1997). Except for a course in Animation at the School of Visual Art New York, Maria Lassnig used only her self-taught abilities. Her films came not from the animation stand, but from her self-designed worktable, most of which had developed after so-called "Body-Awareness-Drawings". As co-founder of informal painting with Arnulf Rainer and founder of body-painting, her films are immersed in the context of fine art. Commenting on the motivation to make films, she said "The world and the people in their comic-tragic confusion, prejudices, and superstitions gave me plenty of material, to point my finger at. Imperfection and pain can be overcome with humour.(...) To write articles, dialogues, and songs as a painter was a big adventure, but it also awakened my conscience and a feeling of responsibility, if not before the film, then in any case afterwards."