Mara Mattuschka / Chris Haring

Mara Mattuschka
Born 1959 in Bulgaria. Golden Circle for Higher Mathematics. Since 1976 she lives in Vienna. From 1977-83 she studied Ethnology and Linguistcs at the University of Vienna. In 1990 final degree of her studies in painting and animation film at the University for Applied Arts (Master class Maria Lassning), Vienna. Several exhibitions (mainly oil paintings) performances and One-Woman-Shows. Professor of "Liberal Arts" at the University of Fine Arts, Braunschweig. Several awards.
FILMOGRAPHY (Selection):
NabelFabel (1984), Cerolax II (1985), Der Untergang der Titania (1985), Kugelkopf (1985), Pascal-Gödel (1986), Parasympathica (1986), Les Miserables (1987), Danke, es hat mich sehr gefreut (1987), Kaiser Schnitt (1987), Der Einzug des Rokoko ins lnselreich der Huzzis (with A. Karner and H. W Poschauko, 1989), Loading Ludwig (with M. Petrov, 1989), Der Schöne, die Biest (1993), S.O.S. Extraterrestria (1993), Suvlaki ist Babylon: komm iß mit mir (1994), Unternehmen Arschmaschine (with G. Szekatsch, 1997), ID (2003), Plasma (2004), Comeback (2005), Legal Errorist (2005), Part Time Heroes (2007), Running Sushi (2008), Burning Palace (2009)

Chris Haring
Born 1970 in Austria. Worked with international companies such as DV8 Physical Theatre (London), Nikolais/ Luis Dance Cie (USA), man act (GB), Nigel Charnock (GB), pilottanzt, Willi Dorner, a.o. With the media artist and composer Klaus Obermaier he developed and performed the videodance performances D.A.V.E. and VIVISECTOR shown all over Europe, Asia, USA and Australia. One of his main influences for his performances, such as Fremdkörper (nominated as Best Performance at Biennale de la Danse in Lyon 2004) is science fiction films and the human body as a cybernetic landscape.
As the artistic director of Liquid Loft, he choreographed internationally successful pieces such as Kind of Heroes (Burgtheater Vienna, 2005), My Private Bodyshop (Tanzquartier Vienna, 2005) and Running Sushi(ImPulsTanz, 2006). In 2007, the Posing Project Series, Posing Project A - The Art of Wow and Posing Project B - The Art of Seduction (Golden Lion at the Biennale di Venezia), were developed. The installation Posing Project C (The Art of Garfunkel) completed the trilogy at ImpulsTanz Vienna in 2008. Also together with Liquid Loft he created the opening performance for the Austrian Pavillion at the EXPO in Zaragoza (2008). He choreographed for international groups such as the Jin Xing Dance Theatre (China Project / Lovely Liquid Lounge, 2009) and Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo (Sacre: The Rite Thing, 2010). The latest work, Talking Head (2010), deals with the identification and self-exposure of our current social media online world.

Andreas Berger/GLIM (Karate Joe records)
Based in Vienna. Member of Liquid Loft, Andreas Berger is in charge of the music for Chris Haring choreographic works since 2005. His albums ,Aeral View Of Model´ (2006) and ,Music for Fieldrecordings´ (2003) have been released by Karate Joe under his artist name GLIM.
Other projects: Contour (together with Lars Stigler), Charmant Rouge.