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Gustav Deutsch - Not Home. Picturing the Foreign

Over the past half-century, two tendencies have dominated independent, artisanal filmmaking. One of these is the fascination with the material artifacts of cinema´s history: it is often called »found-footage filmmaking« and sometimes »recycled cinema«. Filmmakers working in this vein are often archeologists of cinema, aesthetically and/or ideologically engaging with the work of earlier generations of filmmakers of all kinds. The other tendency has produced a remarkable cinema of Place: depictions of a wide range of environments that ask us to really see (and hear) where we and our human colleagues across the globe are in relation to our natural/cultural environments. Throughout his long career, Gustav Deutsch has been an important contributor to both these tendencies.
(Scott MacDonald)


Adria - Holiday Films 1954-68, 1989, 37min, Eyewitnesses in Foreign Countries, 1993, 33min, Notes and Sketches I, 2005 - 2015, 60min,
BONUSTRACK: Sat. 29th of June / Arctic Circle, 1990, 3min
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