Dóra Maurer
born 06.11.1937 in Budapest
1955-61 Studies at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, first at the Department of Painting, subsequently at the Department of Graphic Art
1963-66 Series of etchings: Pompeii, Pictures of the Night translation of Anton Webern´s series of lectures, entitled Ways to New Music, published by the Music Publishing House, Budapest
1967-68 Stipend in Vienna, marriage to artist Tibor Gáyor, since that time resides in both cities
1973- Experimental films, guest, then a member of the Béla Balázs Film Studio; organises exhibitions, edits arts publications, writes and translates, holds lectures
1975-77 Directs (with Miklós Erdély and György Galántai) a Circle of Creativity at the Ganz Mávag Cultural House, Budapest
1976 Her volume Etching, Engraving (Rézkarc, rézmetszet) published by the Corvina Publishing House, Budapest)
1981-83 Leads a study circle of photography and Super-8 film, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
1985- Membership in the Austria Filmmakers Cooperation
1987-91 Guest professor at the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest; becomes a member of the Internationales Künstlergremium
1987-89 Film stipend, and subsequently a one-year painting stipend, from the Austrian Ministry for Education and Arts
1988 Stipend József öEtvös Foundation of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture
1990- Lecturer at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts leading an interdisciplinary painting class
1993- Member of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Arts, Budapest
1998 Qualified for lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, University of Pécs, Hungary
1999-02 Széchenyi Professor Stipend
2000 Grant from the Soros Foundation
2001 Corresponding member of the Saxon Academy of Arts, Dresden; Prize of Pro Cultura Urbis, Budapest
2003 Kossuth Prize; Professor at the Hungarian University for Arts
2006 Founding member of Open Structures Art Society (OSAS), Budapest, curator of international exhibitions in the Museum Vasarely, Budapest; translation of Josef Albers&accent; Interaction of Color, ed. Hungarian University for Fine Arts ­ Studio Arktisz Budapest
2006-12 Head of an intensive color course at the Hungarian University for Fine Arts
2008 Professor emerita
2013 Award for Concrete Art in Europe from the Peter C. Ruppert Foundation