von Donato Totaro in OFF SCREEN, Volume 9, Issue 11 , 30.11.2005

Mara Mattuschka


Gustav Deutsch

3. An Instrument. This section turns the attention over to sound, featuring a science film of musicians being tested on a type of audio machine. What would a found footage film be without footage of crash test dummies, laid out over the voice of an opera singer?

Film Ist. (7-12)

10. Writing and Language. Self-explanatory. A montage of silent film intertitle cards and text within film (i.e. someone holding up a board with writing on it, etc.).

Manfred Neuwirth

Magic Hour (left) & Manga Train (right)

Mara Mattuschka

Part 1

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2 Stefan Grissemann, liner noted of the DVD, p. 15.


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Youngblood, Gene. Expanded Cinema (now available in part or whole as an online book)

Author Bio:

Donato Totaro has been the editor of the online film journal Offscreen since its inception in 1997. Totaro received his PhD in Film & Television from the University of Warwick (UK) and is a part-time lecturer in Film Studies at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). He has published on recent Asian cinema, the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky, the horror genre and is currently preparing a manuscript entitled Time and the Long Take in Narrative Cinema.

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