von Randolph Jordan in OFF SCREEN, Volume 9, Issue 11 , 30.11.2005


The idea of sound and image as equal partners is evoked immediately in the opening seconds of Cubica by m.ash and Chris Janka. The video starts with a little white square appearing on a black background along with a corresponding short staccato sound. My first impression was that it was very hard to tell precisely which came first, though I had a sense that they were not simultaneous. The square then moves to the right, and the same sound is heard once again. But now there is more of a disjunction between the two since the sound is relatively instantaneous compared to the time required for the visual gesture to complete. As the video progresses, the sound/image correlations become less based on synchronization and more open. The squares become cubes and group to form lines which start moving in three dimensions. They map out their individual cubic forms through groupings of lines in three dimensional space. This is evocative of the idea of the two dimensions of sound and image creating a third: the transsensorial dimension. The video ends with two lines of cubes crossing over one another and coming to rest in the shape of a crucifix.



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1 Youngblood, Gene. Expanded Cinema (Expanded Cinema is now available in part or whole as an online book)

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