by Jonathan Rosenbaum in Cinema Scope , May 2007, n°30
Excerpt from 'Global Discoveries on DVD: Perversities' By Jonathan Rosenbaum

'It’s true that the booklet coming with Martin Arnold: The Cineseizure, my favorite release to date on the Austrian Index label (www.index-dvd.at) (because Arnold manages to turn every piece of Hollywood footage he deconstructs into a geeky nightmare that I can’t shake loose), is only 20 pages long, but these are so jazzy as well as useful that I lament the prospect that members of Netflix wouldn’t see them even if they could rent this PAL/no-regional-code disc. Jazzy: “Arnold’s films, characterized by a semiotic economy of parapraxes [and yes, this word is defined via Freud in a footnote, just as “hauntology” is previously defined via Derrida in a footnote] (symptomatic slips, twitches, spasms, stutters, lapses, and automatic behaviors), constitute a cinema by seizure, a cinema of seizure, a cinema as seizure, a cinema seizure, a cineseizure that short-circuits the conventional language and logics of cinema.” (From the nine-page essay by James Leo Cahill, only in English, which stands to reason—how could one translate such a mimetic description into German?) And useful: five pages of notes on the three films included from diverse critics and sources, some in German, some in English. P.S.: the disc also has four brief “bonustracks” from Arnold.'
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