by Anthony Nield in Home Cinema , 16.01.2011

Ultimately, it is hard not to conclude that Bernhard himself concurred with Three Days and its portrait. The monologue was later to be adapted and published alongside his 1971 short story The Italian. Furthermore, the same short story would also provide the basis for his next collaboration with Radax, in this case a feature film (also named The Italian and released in 1971) thereby allowing the pair to eventually satisfy that need originally created by their plan to film Gargoyles. Of course the proximity of Three Days and The Italian would suggest that the pair make perfect bedfellows, something that was recognised by the German label Absolut Medien when they issued both onto a single disc in April of last year. Unfortunately that set contains nothing in the way of English subtitles, thereby making this particular disc from Index all the more welcome (it also features the Radax interview not present on the German release). However, lets hope that Three Days marks only the beginnings of their focus on Radax with The Italian to swiftly follow suit.


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